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Always wanted to start an online business, but do not have the right knowledge, clarity of the process, and confidence to start?

Our Core Offer will give you exclusive access to all AMZ Family Digital Offer Modules! Here, you will learn the A-Z on how to build your own Amazon business, from finding the right product to handling your business post-launch. It is structured in such a way that you will be able to take action after every module in order to progress smoothly.
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We believe that anyone with the right mindset, knowledge, and work ethics can succeed in an online business – IF they follow the proven process.
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Get exclusive access to all AMZ Family Digital Core Modules and more!

By the end of this entire journey, you will have built yourself an unstoppable business on Amazon.

Course curriculum

  • Welcome To The Amz Family
  • How This Program Is Structured For Success 
  • Join Our Facebook Group
  • Time & Capital Requirement
  • Overview Of The Business Model
  • Accounts To Setup
  • Amazon Seller Central Settings
  • Navigating Amazon As A Seller
  • Amazon Fees 101
  • Recap & Action Steps
  • The Importance Of Product Research
  • Brand Vs Open Brand
  • Which Amazon Categories To Sell In
  • Market Research Tool
  • Cellar Chrome Extension
  • How To Get Product Ideas
  • The 9 Criterias Of A Winning Product (Technical)
  • Using Helium10 X-ray To Validate Data 
  • Calculating ROI%
  • Using Helium10 Blackbox To Shortcut Process 
  • Which Helium10 Plan To Go For
  • Check For IP Infringement
  • Types Of Differentiation
  • How To Know What To Differentiate
  • Finding Gold From Imperfect Competition 
  • Product Bundling
  • How To Know Our Product Will Sell
  • Choosing A Brand Name
  • Creating Your Listing On Amazon
  • Test Shipping Plan
  • How To Create Listing
  • GTIN Exemption And Brand Approval
  • Recap & Action Steps
  • Introduction To Module 2
  • How To Do Business With China
  • How To Source Products
  • #1: Alibaba
  • #2: Trade Shows
  • #3: Sourcing Agent
  • #4: Reverse Sourcing
  • How To Contact Supplier On Alibaba 
  • Ordering Samples
  • Recap & Action Steps
  • Introduction To Module 3
  • How To Choose The Right Supplier
  • How Many Units To Order For 1st Order
  • How To Make Payment For 1st Order 
  • Product Packaging
  • Product Inserts
  • Prep & Label
  • How To Ensure Product Quality
  • How To Ship Your 1st Order
  • How To Create A Shipping Plan
  • Recap & Action Steps
  • Introduction To Module 4
  • How Ranking Works
  • Amazon Product Images
  • How To Do Kickass Product Images
  • How To Do Proper Keyword Research
  • How To Create A High Converting Listing 
  • Live Demo – Crafting A Well Optimized Listing 
  • How To Get Reviews Upon Launch
  • Recap & Action Steps
  • Introduction To Module 5
  • Pre-launch Prep
  • PPC Overview
  • PPC Campaigns To Setup
  • Search Find Buy Campaigns
  • Rankbell.Com
  • Eliteseller.Com
  • The Importance Of Tacos
  • Recap & Action Steps
  • Introduction To Module 6
  • Post-launch Checklist
  • Troubleshoot Listing
  • Dealing With Customer Service
  • When To Re-order Inventory
  • Lightning Deals
  • Amazon Coupons
  • Amazon Promotions
  • Trademark And Brand Registry
  • How To Scale
  • Recap & Action Steps
  • Lifetime Support On Our Facebook Community With Thousands Of Active Sellers
  • Checklist & Templates To Help You Get Started
  • Step By Step Action Guide

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